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What are the benefits once I receive my Green Card Visa?


You can open your own business anywhere in the United States.


You can work for any company in the United States. Certain states you can only obtain a professional license like engineering, real estate, etc.


The ability to travel anywhere within the United States. You can also leave and enter United States without being denied at the port.

Family Members

Your spouse and unmarried children (under age 21) can be sponsored through the same green card petition. The family green card will not be affected if the main petitioner passes away.


An EB-5 visa green card holder receives in-state or resident tuition at all public universities and colleges. Normally, the rates are two to four times less expensive than the what foreign students have to pay.

Mortgage Loans

It may be easier to be approved for a home mortgage and/or to obtain a lower interest rate on your mortage by obtaining a visa through the EB-5 Program.


An EB-5 visa green card holder receive the same Social Security benefits as a United States citizen does for retirement if he or she worked for ten years in the United States.


In five years an EB-5 visa green card holder is eligible to apply for United States citizenship after 5 years.

After a I-526 petition approval, if family members are in different countries can they have their consulate interview?

For example, if children are in school the United States Family members can interview in different countries. Where ever the original country where the family in which the children are connected to can interview within the country of origin. Sometimes one family is located in another country, such as a student attending school in the United States. The student will not have to return to the original country where other family member reside outside of the United States and can adjust his or her status at the district office of the USCIS.

What If I have been rejected by the USCIS for a Visa in the Past?

If you have been rejected for a Visa in the past it does not disqualify you to apply for the EB-5 Program. The only way you will not be allowed to apply is if; you were related to major problems like immigration fraud. Every investor applying must disclose all criminal, medical, or U.S. immigration history problems to Gateway Secured Regional Center, Inc. in advance of prior to submission.

To apply for the EB-5 Program, what documents and/or information is required?

You must prepare and properly complete all biographical information for each applicant stated in your application. As an EB-5 investor your source of investment funds must be provided with proof. Required by USCIS you must provide proof of; investment funds, five years of tax returns, five years of bank records, proof of business ownership, business licenses and all business financial statements.

Other means of income may required specific documents and statements. Your immigration attorney will help you with the entire process.

When can I apply for my permanent green card after receiving my conditional green card?

A conditional green card expires two years once it is issued. An EB-5 Investor can submit a I-829 petition three months before the conditional green card expires. Gateway Secured Regional Center, Inc will provide all documents regarding the capital investment, limited partnership, and any other information necessary. Once a I-829 petition is submitted to the USCIS, the conditional green card is extended for one more year until you receive approval from USCIS for a permanent green cars/visa.

Is speaking and reading English a Requirement?

No, to contact Gateway Secured Regional Center, Inc. speaking, reading or writing in English is not a requirement to apply for an EB-5 visa about an EB-5 investment. But please understand that EB-5 applicants must sign an English version of all applications and forms. If the representative that answers the phone does not speak your language, we will transfer you to a certified over-the-phone interpreter, there is no additional cost for this and we provide up to 150 different languages.

Do I have to stay in the United States at all times?

No, normally green card holders must live in the United States for at least six months out of a year. A reentry permit (USCIS form I-131) must be submitted if he or she wants to remain outside the United States for more than six months during a year.

A EB-5 visa holder entering the United States for the first time the EB-5 applicant should first open a bank account, rent or buy a home, receive a driver’s license or ID, get a social security number, and pay state and federal taxes.

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